Our Organic Ginger and Peppermint Deep Cleansing Collection is one of our most frequently requested collections for men and women looking for a formula which is great for dettoxing oily and itchy scalps with dandruff, but ideal for all hair types.

The stimulating effect of our Ginger & Peppermint Collection leaves hair follicles refreshed and healthier than ever before! It repairs split ends and gets rid of frizz, while rejuvenating cells to strengthen hair, improves texture, balances sebum production, and cleanses blockages in pores which allows new growth.

Made with organic ingredients, this mixture acts as a potent antioxidant and protects the scalp and skin from free radicals.


This Ginger & Peppermint collection includes:

200ml Ginger & Peppermint Cleansing Tea

200ml Ginger & Peppermint Conditioning Balm

200ml Ginger & Peppermint Supreme Creme

200ml Ginger & Peppermint Hair Mist

100ml Ginger & Peppermint Limitless Elixir


NO Sulfates

NO Parabens

NO Mineral Oils

NO Animal Testing

Vegan – Colour Safe – Organic

Ginger & Peppermint - Collection